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Online shopping has already taken over the traditional shopping and business trends. But this has put the retailers and merchants into a tough competition. They have to stand out in order to attract the customers and make a different but noticeable position in the market. E-commerce business needs many essential features for its success and progress but winning the trust of the clients is one of the key elements regarding this race. It reduces the shopping card abandonment and increases the sales to an appreciable percentage.

In order to built the trust, the company needs to ensure the clients that whatever personal information they would share with them; including the credit card, billing details etc. will be treated as confidential. For this purpose the backend security including the firewalls and web application protection are commonly used but trustmarks can also extensively be helpful. Consequently, the traffic increases. This is a positive hint for the success.

For your help, we are presenting a couple of ways used by various online businesses through which the secure shopping could be promoted.

New Sales hence Increase in Traffic has a remarkable name in the eCommerce business industry. There was a time when they felt the need for some steps which could make them unique and visible in the market. Along with maintaining the satisfaction of the current customers, they used trustmarks for attracting the clients’ ratio; increasing the sales henceforth the traffic.

They used a very technical way. Four out of every five new customers had to add increased security elements which helped them stick to the company. Six placements of the McAfee SECURE Trustmark was tested by and the results showed that the top scenarios were a reason behind the increase in new sales conversions for the traffic which was new. The values in percentage went from 16.1 to 16.4.

Reduction in cart abandonment and friction

Customers always have chief concerns regarding their personal information whenever an online company asks for it. A recent research suggests that around 67.75% shopping carts have been abandoned as a result of security threats and dropping out mid purchase.

There is subscription-based resource meant for the downloading of the stock footage. It reduces the friction and makes the customers comfortable with the downloading. They can do it security. After testing against another random provider, they finally went for the McAfee SECURE trustmark which increased the sales to 10 percent than that provider, and 12 percent more conversions than without the security icon.

Ensuring the clients’ piece of mind

In this industry, the perception of people cannot be ignored. The company needs to change and make the perceptions on and off. It is quite a tough thing for the companies as it relates to the cognition and psychology of customers. Perception is however a key factor in the success of any company particularly following in the category of “small to medium”. McKeeport Candy Company has their website They worked on the appearance emphasizing on their history which is about of 85 years. Their amazing customer service over this time period convinced the people and built their positive perceptions. They then turned to trustmarks.

It is a common concern of most of the companies to identify and detect the theft. They have been looking for the ways which can secure their customers and make them feel safe from the very first click being done on their website. An increase of 7.5 percent was observed with the use of the McAfee SECURE trustmark. The testing period was only twenty days.

Trust, security and building the confidence of the clients is essentially important to boost up your business especially if it is online. You can go easily invisible in the competition but the Trustmarks can help you become noticeable and prominent. This would certainly increase the traffic henceforth making you successful.

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