Tutorial: How You Can Setup Rules On Magento Percentage Pricing Extension?

By devising rules for pricing in a bulk encourages a merchant to offer discount on great amount of merchandise. Mostly wholesalers’ deals within bulk of stocks, formulation of price in such manner can tempt a trader to offer benefits to purchasers on larger amounts.

In order to deploy price-devising policies on Magento store, we are presenting step by step guideline to use Magento cost based pricing on your web shop. Here are the steps through which you can configure price by using Magento modules.


This guideline expects that you have already installed the plug-in and it is fully functional.

Step 1:

Firstly, you have to create rules for automatic price update, for that purpose you need to signup if you have already created login account in the admin panel then all you need is to login the admin panel. After successful login to admin panel, click on the menu labeling ‘percentage pricing’ that will dropdown with option ‘manage rules’.

Magento Cost Based Pricing

Step 2:

Secondly, click on the ‘add rule’ button, which is located on the top right side of panel. There you will have to fill form of ‘description’ tab in which you have to enter values in the fields such as title, priority, Store View, customer Group, description and status to make your own rule for pricing. After inserting allowed values in the fields of ‘description’ tab, click ‘save item’ button.

Magento Cost Based Pricing2

Step 3:

Then you will be navigated to action tab in the admin panel, here you will see three fields i.e. apply, action and amount. Through ‘apply’ dropdown, you can adjust fixed or percentage of markup, ‘action’ dropdown asks whether you want to add or subtract within the price and in ‘amount’ textbox you have to input amount of markup that you want to add or subtract. Now again click the ‘save item’ button.

Magento Cost Based Pricing3

Step 4:

Although after clicking on the ‘save item’ button, you will be navigated to of ‘rule manager’ panel but you can also set conditions under you want to include markup in the price. In order to do so click on the rule just created by you in the ‘rule manager’ pane then on the left side click on ‘conditions’ tab where you can configure under which and what conditions you want to make these settings visible.

Magento Cost Based Pricing4

That’s all for now, you have successfully configured the Magento price markup plug-in.