Tutorial – How to Configure & Add Group in Custom Options Pricing Extension

A custom option retains solution for variety of product solutions to customer that allow them to calculate price through various dimensions length, width, size etc. The module allows creation and assignment of group options to all available products. Magento custom options pricing module can also handle needs of medium as well as large E commerce businesses.

Here are some steps to configure Magento custom options extension:

  • First login to the admin panel, it recommended that you login as an administrator.

Custom option extension 1

  • Now navigate to ‘FME Extensions’ menus, it will pop out the ‘Custom Options Pricing’ sub menus with multiple options then click to ‘Configuration’  then it will navigate to configuration panel of the Magento dependent custom options plugin.

  Custom option extension 2

  • In the general setting panel, you can enable as well as disable add-on by setting ‘yes’ option to ‘Enable COP Module’.
  • In CSV pricing settings, you can mention numerical digits for measuring units like meter, centimeter, millimeter, inches and feet.  In ‘Message for minimum value’ text box, you can assign upper and lower bounds of custom validation messages.
  • After setting values in the configuration panel, click ‘Save’ button in the right column of the panel.

Group Configuration:

  • You can manage and create groups through ‘Manage Groups’ sub menus located in ‘Custom Options Pricing’ menus. Click ‘Mange Groups’ then you will be navigated to ‘Group Manager’ panel.

Custom option extension 3

  • In ‘Group Manager’ panel, you can add new group and edit existing groups. To edit & delete existing group, click the edit label of respective group then you will be navigated to ‘Edit Option Set’ panel of intended group to which you want to configure.

Custom option extension 4

  • In ‘Edit Option Set’ panel you can edit ‘Group Title’ by editing title in the text box and enable as well as disable ‘Group Status’ by selecting option from combo-box. Moreover, you can also delete the selected group through delete button located on the top right column of the panel.
  • To save the edited settings, click the ‘Save Group’ button on the top right column of the panel, then changes made in the group are successfully saved. After saving respective group, you will be again navigated to ‘Group Manager’ panel.

Custom option extension 5

  • In order to add new group click ‘Add Group’ located in the top right column of the ‘Group Manager’ panel then you will be redirected to ‘Add Option Set’ panel.
  • Here in ‘Add Option Set’ panel, you can assign title to group in ‘Group Title’ text box and enable/disable the group through ‘Group Status’ combo-box.
  • After assigning title, click ‘Save Group’ group located at the top right column of ‘Add Option Set’ panel. Now you have successfully added a new group.