Top 7 Highly Rated Magento 2 Extensions to Install

With the launch of Magento 2, most of the eCommerce websites have upgraded their stores in pursuit of higher store performance, security, and functionality. Besides the countless benefits of such a mega change in the platform, there are challenges for the merchants and developers to migrate the store without any setback. Thanks to the massive community of developers who have created applications that are in agreement with the new standards set by Magento 2.

If you have also moved to the latest version or plans to move sooner or later, here is a list of 7 highly rated Magento 2 extensions for enhancing functionality and creating utmost convenience for your consumers.

1. Photo and Product Gallery

Magento 2 Photo Gallery extension by FME

Magento 2 Photo Gallery Extension by FME allows you to make the product and category pages more meaningful and engaging by displaying relevant images. The extension creates a separate gallery page to allow customers view the images without any distraction. In fact, you can attach an entire image gallery to each product for making it more prominent.
Adding an image slider on a home page helps you to capture customers’ attention and direct them to product pages. The configuration options are available to select a position for the slider, choose thumbnails and setting frames. This fully responsive application consistently displays the web page to customers regardless of the mobile device or screen size they use to browse your store.

2. Improved import

improved import Magento extension by FireBearStudio

Adding multiple products along with pricing and other details is a hectic job. The Improved Import extension does it all with a single CSV file upload. If you are facing problems in adding products from a remote resource, all you need to do is import the CSV file with the help of this application. You can easily set up another store on your website by carrying forward all the products along with category name, path, and IDs. It will not disrupt the relation of a root category with sub categories and products. you are not required to create categories from the scratch and waste time in classifying products one by one.

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3. Search AutoComplete and Suggest Pro

AutoSearch complete Magento extension

The Magento 2 is not equipped with a quick search tool that’s why your customers may find it difficult to search for products or services they need. If you need to create convenience for the end user, install Search AutoComplete and Suggest Pro. This extension allows your potential customers to quickly search products by typing a few letters of it. The auto-complete function allows them to select a store item from a drop-down menu that matches the first few letters rather than entering the complete name or keyword. With the purchase of this application, you also get free support for 30 days.

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4. Fooman email attachments


Email correspondence is the essence of marketing and customer support. If your staff is taking more than enough time in attaching product images, files, and tutorials to emails, it is the time to have Fooman Email Attachments extension. It attaches sales orders, invoices, shipping documents, and other PDF file to emails with the click of a button. This free module automates the tasks that may cost hours of your workforce.

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5. Magento 2 Delete orders

Magento Delete Orders Extension

Managing orders is a hectic job for store administrators and sometimes they have to cancel orders that expect more than what a store offers. In such a situation, canceling orders one by one may seem time-consuming that’s why the Magento 2 Delete Orders needs to be in place. It is a free extension that allows a merchant to apply a bulk option of deleting orders. Select all the unwanted orders one by one to delete them in a click.

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6. Brand 2.0

Brand 2 Magento extension

It is an amazing tool by Land of coders that allow customers of a store to search products by brands and manufacturers. Merchants are allowed to display logos of all the brands they deal on the home page of the website. This extension also enables store owners to enlist brands with different categories and alphabetical order. It is free to download and install.

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7. Follow up Email

Followup emails by Aheadworks

The follow-up email extension is developed to minimize the cart abandonment rate of your store. It tracks back the customers who reach the cart page but leave it due to any reason and send a predetermined message. You can write a custom message that is sent as a reminder to potential buyers so that they can relate to an activity they have performed on your cart page and reconsider their decision to purchase certain products or services.

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Though Magento 2 is not mature yet as it not backward compatible and merchants are continuing businesses with the old version. The already established stores which are quite okay with the platform are not in the position to migrate to Magento 2 as they will have to start from the scratch and buy or contact the third parties for compatible extensions. There is no doubt that the vibrant and transparent business platform of Magento 2 will compel them to accept the change and migrate as soon as possible.

For a fresher who has been recently in the eCommerce line and want to explore the possibilities of Magento, the above top rated extensions are quite useful in creating a friendly shopping experience to make more out of his or her store.