What Our Customers Say About FME And Its Products?

FME Reviews On Magento Connect

Customers express their opinion about our products on multiple platforms and one them is Magento Connect. For those who don’t know Magento connect is a official market place for individual developers and companies to submit and market their product to Magento audience. Below is the screen shot of the reviews posted on Magento Connect by our hundreds of customers.

FMEs Customer Reviews on Magento Connect

Customer Reviews

Couple Of Our Customers Websites


Kampaccessories is an online store for selling different iPad, iPhone, and other mobiles and handheld devices. They are using our percentage pricing product to give their product prices based on cost + a fix amount of markup to cover all expenses.









Hagen is an online eComemrce store dealing in mobiles, cameras, appliances, toys, gaming, computer and other similar items. Due to constant change is supply prices and other cost they were forward for an automatic price updater to change the price when cost changes by adding a predefined fixed amount. Our Percentage pricing has helped them to apply cost + markup pricing rules.