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Magento Canonical URLs


Why Do We Need Magento Canonical Extension?

Magento by default creates multiple URLs for each product / CMS page which leads to the duplicate content issue in search engines. Some search engines has improved their algorithm like Google to handle this multiple URL issue and does not penalizes website for content duplication. Even after all these advancements there is still a need to take few steps to avoid content duplication and rank for higher in Google search results (SERPS).

Step – 1: Decide and Tell Preferred URL To Google Algorithm:

Why We Need To Do That?

Google makes a group of multiple URLs pointing to a same CMS / product page and then picks a preferred URL to be displayed in SERPS. Now the question is which URL would be picked as the preferred one? It can be product URL with first category, second category or may be without any category. The problem appears when you see Google choosing a preferred URL which you do not want to be appeared in SERPS due to some reasons which may be the keyword, user-friendly issue, etc.


The second problem is that users will link you using different URLs of the same product / CMS page thus any link that has been created to the any other URL then the preferred one will go in vein as that particular page is not ranking anyway it’s the preferred URL which is ranking and needs links to improve its position in Google SERPS.

How Tell Google The “Preferred URL”?

Tell Google about the preferred URL by adding canonical Tags in all links of same product / CMS page. This can be done manually by following step by step guide on how to use canonical tags by Google or by using a Free a canonical module. Here is the Free Magento Canonical URL Extension that let you to set the preferred URL for ranking.

The other benefit of adding canonical tag is it transfers all the links juice to the one preferred URL. That is even if a customer shares another link the canonical tag will pass the link juice of that particular URL to the preferred URL which will improve the search engine ranking of that Preferred URL.

Magento Rich Snippet


Why use Rich Snippets in Magento?

Google displays endless results for the each search query entered by users and even ranking in the first page does not guarantee that your website will be picked by the users. All you can do is to make your product page’s Title and Description attractive but is it enough? The answer is surely “No”. There is more, you can tell user more about your product / service page and that can be the competitive price you offer, user reviews and ratings, name, image, condition etc.


How Can You Display Rich Snippet In Google?

There are two way of doing that one is the manual that includes the coding and the other one is to use a rich snippet extension.

The Coding Way:

Step by Step guide on how to implement rich snippet by Google –


We have found a paid module to implement rich snippet with one click installation. It has been developed by FmeAddons and offered at a competitive price of 39.99 USD. Read more about this Rich Snippet module and view online demo.





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