Magento Photo Frame – Upload Image, Crop, Frame & Order

This photo editor extension of FME allows users to pick the picture of their choice while sitting in the comforts of their home, edit that using extension, frame that perfectly from available options, and buy the finalized image. You can allow uploading JPG, PNG, and GIF file types and adjust max image size to upload. The module also carries CSV pricing feature to help buying the picture.


Allow your customers to edit, frame, and buy photos with ease by using this module at your online store. Cropping could be done in two ways: using mouse pointer and entering desired height and width. It will calculate the price of the picture by scanning the CSV file linked with the product or image.

CSV Settings

In CSV, you cannot fix the pricing of products varying in sizes. Create a spreadsheet carrying prices of different photo dimensions. You can configure the following things for each newly created product:

  • Enable products available in photo collage.
  • Pick the CSV file for the product (all available CSV files are shown in a drop down list).
  • Pick related row and column.
  • Upload image on frontend and pick frame.

Color Settings

  • The plugin supports black and white and mirrored color effects.

Frame Settings

  • You can upload multiple frames and can mention any additional cost.
  • You can set the frame sorting order.
  • You can link each frame with desired products and appropriate CSV file.

Main Features Of Photo Collage Module

  • The extension carries CSV pricing feature to help calculating the price of cropped image.
  • Users are allowed to upload picture on frontend and crop as they want.
  • Users can have image preview in lightbox.
  • There are photo effects available in the extension, which could be enabled or disabled.
  • You can upload any customized photo frames, each having its own price tag.
  • You can upload multiple CSV files.
  • You can enable the maximum and minimum size limits.
  • You can manage all the functions from a single spot.
  • You can mention the allowed file types.
  • You can create any error messages and custom validation messages.
  • The extension is 100% open source.
  • It supports multiple stores.
  • It supports multiple languages.
  • It meets with Magento programming practices.
  • It has an extension installation guide to facilitate site owners through the process.

Buy the photo collage extension to speedup the selling process of your image-based business. It would surely be a great support to provide users with enhanced site experience while adding beauty to your online presence.