Top 7 Highly Rated Magento 2 Extensions to Install

With the launch of Magento 2, most of the eCommerce websites have upgraded their stores in pursuit of higher store performance, security, and functionality. Besides the countless benefits of such a mega change in the platform, there are challenges for the merchants and developers to migrate the store without any setback. Thanks to the massive […]

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Mobile Commerce in 2016 on Ready, Set, Blast Off!

  If we were to mold every saying we ever read to fit our daily lives in to words that actually made sense, it would be easy to say; “If a dog is a man’s best friend’, then any source of cash to pay for a woman’s shopping is their new best friend. It all […]

7 Top Review and Rating Platforms To Build Trust Among Customers

Running an online business is getting more competitive due to the prevailing trends of eCommerce that is highly focusing on the improvement of user experience. The online buyers want to grab most of the information about their favorite products at the comfort of sitting in their home or office. In addition to the comfort they […]


Increase Store Conversions with Geo-targeting

It comes from my own shopping experience in online stores that no matter how much shiny the product may appear, or how many zeros are absent from the price tag, you simply cannot buy it unless you know the language that is displayed by default. As an ecommerce store owner, your goal may be to […]

Why Does A Search Engine Spider Care About The URL Structure?

Search engines are powered with softwares that are called as robots and spiders to follow website, gather information and sort the URLs according to the relevancy with title, description and content of the websites. The websites are located through their URL addresses. So, to smooth away the sorting and indexing process, search engines evaluate the […]

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Get Flaring Conversions With These 5 Checkout Hacks

Conversions are a reliable counter to see how well a business has been performing. By looking at the percentage of visitors that ended up as customers, a website’s effectiveness in convincing visitor to purchase product can be evaluated. Since checkout pages are the final step in securing a successful lead, it is vital to create […]

The 7 Worst Mistakes On Checkout Pages

Checkout pages are the final step in completing the transaction of an online purchase. After browsing online site catalog and choosing product, customers are prompted towards the checkout page which dictates whether they will purchase the product or not. Unfortunately many sites nowadays face a fast growing problem of shopping cart abandonment. Even after the […]

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As Thomas Fried said “the world is flat”, the technology era is developing as a storm, controlling almost fields of our life. It is certainly true in case of e-commerce. E-commerce allows you to create online stores, improving sales and traffics, expending goods’ scale via special tools on the internet. Above all methods, Social commerce […]

Remote Code Execution: A Serious Security Threat For Magento Stores!

RCE, Remote Code Execution vulnerability poses a serious security threat to Magento based stores. Hackers can take control of an entire Magento store due to this vulnerability. They can access Customers’ personal information Financial information Credit card details It surely is not. It also allows attackers to add their desired PHP code on the server. […]

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5 tips to reduce shopping cart abandonments

5 Simple Ways To Cope With Abandoned Shopping Carts Issue

The biggest hurdle in way of becoming successful among tough online competition is shopping cart abandonment. 67.45% online shoppers do not reach the checkout phase at an online store, Baymard Institute stats reveal. Why people abandon the shopping carts? Reasons can be many including financial constraints, shipping cost, complicated checkout process, etc. Here are some […]