Mobile Commerce in 2016 on Ready, Set, Blast Off!

mobile commerce 2016


If we were to mold every saying we ever read to fit our daily lives in to words that actually made sense, it would be easy to say; “If a dog is a man’s best friend’, then any source of cash to pay for a woman’s shopping is their new best friend.

It all started out normally by heading out for shopping from store to store. But then it took a rather unique turn by offering the benefits of shopping over the internet to accommodate those who cannot take out the time to hit each store in order to get what they need! As if both of these options weren’t enough, the online shopping database decided to extend their offers for those who are constantly on the go. This brings us to the idea of mobile commerce.

Now that eCommerce web design industry has been set into motion all over the world it is exploding with new innovations in payment processes through mobiles. Since 2010 there has been a massive increase in a total of all eCommerce sales with the help of mobile commerce as it has pushed its way to 7x more!

Since 2013, many of the world’s most renowned brands are blasting the market with several kinds of payment methods every day; driven by the share of $800 billion worldwide market of mobile commerce by 2017 as expected (Ericsson). Ironically, more than 1 billion people in markets all over the world will be habitual users of the advanced payment methods of buying products online via web, in-app, and mobile, alongside in-store purchases by the end of the same year.

In the past few years, the mobile commerce investment reached a turning point towards advancement like no other. As we welcome the New Year with a big bang boom, it will only be fair to update you on the latest mobile commerce market map alongside a personal version of what we think would become of it in 2016!

But as every year is known for some new spectacular creation that we tend to get used to that either gets old or must be left behind as the New Year kicks off. The question we end up with is, if 2015 was known for the mobile and videos, what does 2016 have in store for us? With the holiday season of 2015 to prove to us how the mobile commerce is most certainly only headed for a future brighter than our smartphone screens, it is pretty evident that this is a trend that might not be even close to extinction!

One thing to remember this year is, the customer is sure about what they want. As a retailer you need to know how to be ahead of the game in order to provide it.

Word of Advice for Retailers: Put all your money in the mobile web, not the App!

As a retailer, you need to emphasize on bringing your name out in the open where literally everyone on this planet can see it. With social platforms being the center of almost every human’s life, you must know all about the where, when and how it is that you can grasp their attention within a split of a second! You need to be at the top of it all with the social media platforms, Google searches, email newsletters, and/or any other form of promotion you can possibly think of.

In a world where even the social media platforms themselves are in a continuous competition, users obviously need all the space on their mobiles as they can get In order to keep all their important updates managed at the palm of their hands every second. They couldn’t be bothered to be interested in downloading the official app to some store as they’d prefer to get things done with the website instead.

But since 2015 was the year of upgrade for retailers all around the world who managed to build an app they should not let go of as it was obviously quite the hassle, they should invest their time and money in at least making it more convenient for the loyal consumers.

Optimized website should be at the very top of your list!

For starters, every website has a new set of problems that need to be looked upon. The most common error is when we fail to pinpoint the reason the traffic that we do tend to generate, get driven away. That’s the first thing you must dig up. I would recommend to read some web development books to learn how to optimize the website.

No doubt mobile commerce is absolutely everywhere, but it isn’t much of a shocker to see that the conversion rate still lags behind desktop’s. Apparently, hitting the check-out button is far more difficult on a tiny screen where the product details, credit card form detail, all lead up to a customer to walking away from a potential purchase.