Magento Price Calculator Extension

price calMagento Price Calculator Extension allows you to calculate prices of multi dimensional, variable sized products like liquids, blinds, canvas, fabric, blinds, flooring etc. This Magento dynamic pricing extension automates the mechanism of price calculation with the help of ‘Price Rules’. You can use these rules to offer automated discounts to your customers. This plugin supports different input/output units such as Centi-meter, Milli-meter, Foot, Inch, and Meter. Customers will enter the required dimensions on the product page and this module will calculate price based on the pre-defined rules.

The most useful feature of this square footage Magento price calculator extension is the ‘Price Rules’. These rules are defined per product bases and have multiple uses. Let us see an example below;


This rule defines the minimum and maximum size that is 10 and 45 respectively, the discount (in percentage) on two different sizes that is 10 % on sizes above 15, and 50% discount on sizes above 30 square foot, square meter or any other unit. The last thing you see is the area or volume calculation, you can calculate prices based on area or volume because different items may have volume as input/output unit e.g. liquids.

How It Works

After installation, a new tab is created named as, Price Calculator. First, you will need to create required custom product options such as height and width. Once these custom attributes are created, you need to configure the price rules, input/output units and price per unit area to run the extension. Other options include, creating custom validation messages, setting labels for different fields and configurations. The labels of custom options entered in the configuration and ‘Price Calculator’ tab should be same, or the extension will not work.

Key Features – Magento Price Calculator Extensionmoneyback-15-day

  • Sell variable sized products easily on your web shop.
  • This Advance variation pricing extension calculates price of variable sized products dynamically.
  • Different Input and output units are supported such as Meter, Centi-meter, Milli-meter, Inch etc.
  • Performs area and volume based calculations.
  • Custom validation messages
  • Configure price per unit area as required.
  • Decimal and integer values are supported.
  • Supports group pricing
  • Set keywords for minimum and maximum size that will appear in Product’s Price Calculator rule tab.
  • Customize Text for discount Labels
  • Multiple Custom attributes on which Price Calculator rules will be applied such as Length, Width, Height etc.
  • 100% OpenSource
  • Multi-Store Supported
  • Multi-Language Supported
  • Install Guide with Easy to follow steps
  • User Guide to help you utilize and understand the extension
  • Lifetime Support Free Support