As Thomas Fried said “the world is flat”, the technology era is developing as a storm, controlling almost fields of our life. It is certainly true in case of e-commerce. E-commerce allows you to create online stores, improving sales and traffics, expending goods’ scale via special tools on the internet. Above all methods, Social commerce is always seen as the best effective way for web-owners to accomplish significantly increasing number of customers and audiences.

Magento tips Why is Social commerce? It is undeniable that social networks have become a vital component for people to communicate. You can let your friends know where you are, what you do … by sharing status on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and so on. Your activities will be shared any when you want just through a Click. So, how do social networks affect the way your customers go to shops or the future of eCommerce? How do people access your online-store, through different devices?

Social network is available on computer, laptop or just a mobile phone connected to the internet. Besides, people nowadays spend more time on surfing on the internet than on TV or magazine. That is also the reason why they prefer making online purchase to going to shop. Social networks are easy to access, available everywhere and save much time when purchasing goods. They could be the great power for store-owners to get more sales and traffics.

When it comes to e-commerce, it is sure that almost of E-store owners as well as developers know the introduction of Magento. This is an open-source platform being offered widely for its outstanding features and additional extensions. Especially, Magento store supports many features of Social commerce for you to optimize its function and benefits.

An overview of Social commerce

2What do you think of Social commerce? Social commerce is a subset of electric commerce that involves using social media, online media, supporting social interaction, and user contribution to assist the online buying and selling products and services. In a shorten way, Social commerce must be the concept of mouth applied to e-commerce.

To be specific, Social commerce is where social media meets eCommerce. It is the way that social media engagement translates into online sales transactions. For instance, you post a picture of a product on your Facebook page including the link to your eCommerce portal. The interaction converts into a sale when a customer makes a purchase through that link. You are totally able to track where sale comes from, all of data regarding the transaction.

Social commerce is seen as the hottest trend of eCommerce platforms currently, the number of sales from this channel makes up 5% of online transactions for 2015. This trend witnesses a significant increase around 25% from last year and continuously grows. Besides, social commerce is adjustable for every ecommerce portals B2C; B2B… provided that its platform has corresponding application.



There are two kinds of Social commerce including: Social commerce on e-commerce platforms you and E-commerce on social media platforms.

Sharing your purchasing experience before, after and during shopping brings more purchases and visits. So, what tools of Social commerce that are the most awesome for store-owners to use:



  • Rating and reviews: Adding Social media right into your online store allows shoppers to rate and place their reviews after viewing or experiencing products. Good reviews and high rate will help them make decision earlier and faster.
  • Social shopping: Facebook is one of the most typical examples of this item. Actually, there are two ways to access this interaction. The first is you allow customers to sign on Facebook account during shopping and sharing their experience. The latter is you create a store with corresponding products on Facebook page, any click on the link to original source and brings sales; it will be included as in effective social tool.
  • Referrals and Recommendations: Like Affiliate marketing, store owners will reward individuals for sharing products and purchases with their friends through social networks. Also, any sales driven by referrals from established social network’s accounts can be followed.
  • Forum and Community: You create Forum and Community where shoppers, customers are in connection and exchange ideas of your products. This item collects useful information of products shared by your shoppers. It becomes a trust conference source for others to make right purchase.
  • Social Media Optimization: Your web-store is duplicated or simulated through Social media like Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest…, allowing you to optimize their features and drive more traffic as well as sales to online shop.
  • Social Ads and Apps: Ads and Apps on social networks are creatively applied on your web-online. For example, on Magento platform, there have several extensions named Social Login offers another way for customers to log in to make purchases. Group buying is known as Group Deal held to attract more sales at lower price. This has been the latest trend from the last year, and being created on eCommerce platforms.

The Major Social Networks and Social Commerce

There many kinds of social networks for Social commerce, in those, outstanding followings are most preferred. This is based on the popularity of each Social network. They are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Printerest.

  • Facebook: Facebook is the source of an overwhelming majority of Social commerce transactions. As in eCommerce report, Facebook drives more 63% of all social media visits to online shops. Through Facebook, you could build up brand awareness, replying customers’ queries and have promotions of seasonal sales. Above all, Facebook supports a short range of effective and great functions such as Like, Share, Fanpage and so on, having customers share their knowing, experience in the most convenient way.
  • Twitter: This social network is preferred most in the US and European market. Any web-store owners tend to join this community if they want widely to expand their brand in these markets. It makes up around 15% of online sales as in the recent eCommerce statistic. Web-store owners drive more fan engagement and create sharable hash-tags to improve sales via Twitter.
  • Youtube: As you know, Youtube gets a super high rate among others. The social network has unbelievable popularity, especially at young ages. It is very easy to see videos recording how to use, how to do and how you feel about some products. This channel is the best way for others to understand their purchases and experience of products on web-stores. Also, it guides you how to get it at your convenience.
  • Printerest: Printerest drives about 13% of visits to web-stores. With Pinterest, your customers are able to make transactions without leaving the platform. Users often visit this page to search for new products and its social referral traffic generally has a higher average order value than other social networks.

You can find more kinds of social networks like Google+; Instagram and so forth that are seen as powerful tools for webstore owners to widely expand your brand. One must be mentioned here is Mobile Apps that is more and more developing and being highly considered now. The platform and application of Social commerce are adjustable with almost Mobile Administrator System

What benefits from Social Commerce?


  • Monetize your social investment and solve your problems of social media ROI (=Money In – Money Out): It could be claimed that Social commerce might be your online business campaign. This is the trend and also certainly when you want to improve brand’s influence and boost more sales as well as traffic to online stores.
  • Gather market insight: It turns your online store into the trust place to make purchases. According to a survey, 70% of consumers place their honest consumer opinions posted online. The product reviews can contribute to lower product return rates, an ability to assess popular products that give customer satisfaction and to feedback into research as well as development.
  • Boost e-commerce sales (traffic, conversion, order value): From Social commerce, you can expand your brand awareness and products in the largest way.
  • Improve customer loyalty by enhancing user experience: Commerce is a relationship between a company and its customers and whether you like it or not, social commerce makes it closer than ever before.
  • Active word of mouth value: Mouth marketing is always seen the most powerful tool for any commerce platforms. Social commerce is a kind of this marketing method. This is word-to-mouth is more trustworthy than the traditional “push” marketing applied by companies on a daily basis.
  • High Search Engine Rankings: it is good for SEO – generates more keyword rich content as well as natural language that are used customers including misspellings and abbreviations.
  • Different yourself from the competition: Mark Zuckerberg said “Social commerce is about people not technology. It is not the strongest that survives. Nor the most intelligent. It is the most adaptable to change”. Hence, using Social commerce as your most powerful marketing tool will make your store different from others.

Social Commerce on Magento Platform


According to a recent prediction of the trend of Magento eCommerce, Social commerce is answer explaining what your target audience is and where you can reach it. They claim that social networks give you a possibility to contact your potential customers over the world. Moreover, you may perform multiple researchers for better understanding of their needs and requirements.

Through various channels Facebook. Google+, Twitter and more; vendors get a chance to encourage customers. More purchases are made thanks for different notifications about discounts, promotion offers, group-deals. Creating special campaigns, offering giveaways, post product video you get in touch with your fans more easily.

On Magento Platform, Social commerce becomes an integral part of marketing strategy helping you keep in mind of this trend and bringing positive impact on your business significantly.

These outstanding features and benefits of Social Commerce are always true in case of web-stores running on Magento Platform. Social commerce is seen as one of the most effective marketing and merchandising tool allows webstore owners to:

  • Get found with powerful search engine optimization
  • Segment your customers
  • Promote review and word of mouth
  • Recommend, up-sell and cross-sell more products

How To Use Social Commerce on Magento Platform?

Facebook Fan Box extension enables a Fan Box to display the most updated information from their Facebook fan page to their Magento Website6


  • Magento Product Tweet on Twitter is a simple, flexible, yet powerful solution to provide information to your buyers, advertise, and promote your products, special offers and campaigns on Twitter


  •  Magento YouTube Video Extension helps you import videos from your Youtube account easily and display a video gallery page in your Magento store. You can also select videos to display on product page for testimonials, tutorials or how to use videos.


  • Magento Social Login extension is a form of single sign-on using existing login information from a social networking service such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIN…


  • HD Video Share plugin is a video player module which can be used to create a video sharing website with member subscription, video import, live streaming and much more features.


  • Back-end Product Social Share” lets Admin to share the products on popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest


Author: Ecommerce becomes my endless inspiration, thus I always have great attempt in collecting and gaining wealth of knowledge of this field. Magento, Vituremart, Joomlar, CMS, WordPress… are currently popular platforms for eCommerce. They support many functional plugins as well as extensions to let you build an all-sided and perfect online web-store. My articles might be helpful for your aspects of running an online shop and in turn, don’t hesitate to share more good things with me. Welcome!