Magento Custom Options Pricing

Magento Custom Option Pricing Extension allows you to create unlimited custom options and attach with products. These custom options can be for different purposes e.g. if you are selling blinds then you may create options for different windings, styles, colors etc. Customers will then be able to customize the product according to their requirements. The price of these custom options can also be calculated from a CSV file. So you get 2 in 1 functionality in this module. It provides you simple and easy operating way to use it i.e. all the calculation process can be done on a single page. This Product option extension is developed by FME, with all advance features and meeting the customer requirements.

Live Sample –In What Way Custom Option Price Module Operate:

Below is a practical example to better find out how this Magento Custom Option Price extension works.

Magento Custom Options Pricing

During the time of creating option you can specify the following:

  • Specify the price , title and information of a custom options
  • Organize sort order
  • Upload a picture for this custom option
  • Define Max, Min settings for height and width.
  • Utilize CSV pricing

Significant Features – Magento Custom Option Pricing:-

  • Easy to select multiple different product options at once and add them to cart.Magento Custom Option CSV Pricing
  • Hold different measurement units same as, centimeter, inches, meter, foot etc.
  • Support CSV Pricing functionality.
  • Eliminate the need to create configurable products in Magento.
  • Create Simple products having grouped options just like configurable products.
  • Custom Validation massages.
  • Support different validation messages.
  • Support image based product option.
  • Lifetime Support Free Support