Magento Booking and Reservations Extension by FME

Magento Bookings and Reservations Overview

Sell your bookable products and services online with Magento Booking extension from FME. This extension allows customers to book medical appointments, reserve hotel rooms and set timings for meetings in just a few clicks. You can manage bookings according to your preferences by customizing settings for calendar, staff, tier pricing and price per distance for mobile delivery services. Customers can do this at the convenience of their home instead of visiting your physical store or office each time they buy a service or product.


Manage Booking and Reservations

The booking panel shows all booking requests entered by customers. You can use this panel to assign bookings to specific faculty members on specific days. You can also view the booked time and the booking status of the service. The status confirms if the request is delivered, under process or pending. The customers can view their booking summary from automated email send to them. You can also manually send emails to specific customers.

Time and Distance Charges


Magento Booking extension allows you to manage your bookable products. You can set hourly and daily charges and manage home booking fee on your products. This enables you to sell your products and services on hourly as well as on day (24 hour) basis. You can also add fee charges for specific services and products that are acquired through homes depending on distance of kilometers and miles.

Time Based Rates and Mobile Delivery

Create time based rates of your products and add mobile delivery fee by using advance pricing features of this Magento booking & reservation extension. You can customize price per minute, hour and day so you may sell all types of services. Define tier pricing with discounts in hourly basis, for example, if 12 hours for hotel room cost $800 then 24 hours will cost $1600 but you might want to offer little discount say $200, similarly for 36 hours you give $500 discount, you will enter following in this section for this example;
12 hours (in minutes) = $800
24 hours (in minutes) = $1400
36 hours (in minutes) = $1900
For home delivery products and services, you can charge them per mile as well as kilometer.

Manage Faculty

backend3This feature allows customers to choose any staff member of their preference from your online store. You can add faculty personnel from staff options and customers can choose on their discretion. It allows you to display multiple staff members and their profile information such as name, age, profession and availability timings etc. These staff members can be set to different services or category of services. Once a booking has been made the customer and you will receive notification email.

Bookings Calendar


This Magento Booking & Reservation extension comes with smart calendar that allows customers to select dates and time they wish to book a product or service. The date can be selected from the calendar while the timings can be added from drop down on products page in minutes, hours and days. If the hours are reserved or the service is booked, the customer will be able to see it on the calendar. The calendar itself is also customizable. You can change font styles, add borders, edit dimensions and insert color themes with hex color codes.

Merchant Benefits

  • You no longer need any brick and mortar store or unnecessary staff members to sell your bookable products and services. This extension is a complete package that answers your daily booking complications in one simple extension.
  • By setting tier pricing on your products and services you can collectively add time and give exclusive discounts to customers. This directly affects your store engagement and conversion rate.
  • Using an online real-time calendar, you can manage booking schedule and view other bookings made by customers on your services by time and day.

Customer Benefits

  • Customers no longer need to visit hotels, clinics, or offices to get appointments. They can make online reservation for rooms, dental appointments and meetings at the convenience of their home.
  • Discounts can be availed when through this extension if services are used for longer periods. For example, customers will get a $50 discount for a hotel room which offers $100 for 24 hours and $150 for 48 hours if they use it for 2 days.
  • Customers can select staff members with the service they purchase. This helps them to avail the same quality of service each time they book.