Increase Store Conversions with Geo-targeting

It comes from my own shopping experience in online stores that no matter how much shiny the product may appear, or how many zeros are absent from the price tag, you simply cannot buy it unless you know the language that is displayed by default.

As an ecommerce store owner, your goal may be to cross international bounds and begin selling your products globally. When it comes to selling products across the world, some preferences for a particular area or region can be a decision making factor for the customer.

How IP-Geo Targeting can Help Boost Sales

To have this sought out; Research on language barriers and traditional preferences was conducted on buyers of different areas and regions. As the results came through it clearly showed that people are likely to be engaged and sold with their local language than any other foreign text.

But why is it so important for online merchants today, and how does it impact the selling power on macro and micro level? Is language the only factor or other elements are also responsible?

We will discuss the problems that affect e-businesses nowadays and how IP Geo-targeting technology can be used to the store owner’s leverage. However, in order to grasp the idea of regional stores, let us first understand what it actually is.


Geo targeting is basically the method by which online merchants determine the geo-location of their online store visitors. It helps them deliver content based on the regional preferences of the visitor. The location could be a country, region/state, city, metro code/zip code, organization, IP address etc. The technology was pieced together for several purposes, but no one had ever imagined the impact it would have on the e-business sector.

  • IP Geo-targeting has made itself so eminent in the game that most online stores that stand today cannot grow without it.
  • For the merchants, it is helpful to find their potential customers so that they can optimize their products, devise new strategies and assign stores to specific regions and locate source of a problem.
  • For the customers, it thwarts attempts of online fraud on other geographic locations, gives an optimum user experience and prevents spamming and hacking of accounts.


Keeping Up with Changing Trends

IP Geo-targeting not only provides comprehensive information regarding the customers (such as country, region, state, city and postal code), but it can also determine other details such as bandwidth speed, ISP, language, demographics, domain name and more.

  • This allows the merchants to track the changing customer trends and point out which users from which regions are the most interested in purchasing.
  • The details provided by users help merchants to initiate product campaigns and gain accurate insights about customer preferences regarding particular products.

You cannot perceive this as a one sided relationship. If the customer obliviously refuses to share the details, then he will not see his preferences in the product because the manufacturer would not have the faintest idea about what the customer demands in the products.

Localization of Page Content

As we discussed earlier, regional customers have their own preferences. So as an American might reject Munster Cheese as stinky blob of glutin, the French will most definitely find it morally wholesome. According to a study, online stores have a somewhat eight seconds to leave a lasting impression on their clients.

With that in mind – it’s important to know you are making a great first impression. Your content is only appealing if the customer can make sense out of it. This can include shopping features, call to actions, color schemes, fonts, pricing, sales tone and the language of course.

These aspects help you to localize the store by adding them with the ideal content for the specific region.  A store that sells its products with area specific features can get conversions better than any of its competitors.

Geo IP location localization helps you

  • Learn and adapt to the tastes and inclinations of regional customers, your content can serve as a winning invitation to customers.
  • Upgrade your content periodically so you may customize product information, promotions and coupons content by engaging the regional customers

Making a Currency Fail Safe

In today’s global economy where financial upheavals happen off and on, currency fluctuation has taken toll on many online businesses, pushing them to the brink of bankruptcy.

It’s a force that can easily capsize a billion dollar empire to a few pennies worth.

We have seen in the past how currency depreciation has damaged the ecommerce industry. For any online merchant it is only wise to keep close quarters with the foreign market and adapt to any sudden changes.

The good news is – Geo IP intelligence has taken care of this situation for good. You can have this technology implement either by using plugin or hire an eCommerce development company.

Now online merchants can sell their merchandise in local currencies without the possibility of incurring misfortune. For instance, if an American merchant is selling his products and services in local currency, this foreign exchange solution through Geo IP validates the global currencies and allows him to acquire the precise payment in U.S dollars.

The advantage of paying in local currency allows your customers to acknowledge the actual price of the product hence encouraging them to order more. It gives you the leverage of selling without the risk of foreign exchange disaster or associated costs with the help of Geo IP technology.

Preventing Online Fraud

Another great annihilator of your store sales is online fraud. It can burn your sales like fire burns through a bush. As it has already gained quite some notoriety in business dealings, government security and even social media privacy, online fraud always seems to find its way in through evolution.

Your online business can never be impervious to online fraud and it mostly happens through social security breach and bank account numbers from different geographic locations.

There hasn’t been any permanent cure to this, but Geo IP technology does make the perpetrators attempts a living hell.

  • It allows you to establishing real-time authentication checkpoints and identify malicious behavior involving access of site from regions where there is a high percentage of online fraud.
  • With the help of GeoIP MaxMind database, it validates the IP origination points and helps you re-direct traffic according to the pre-configured settings.

Most online merchants use tools like Magento GeoIP store switcher to automate the process of fraud and spam prevention. Such extensions can help you create store views for different geographical locations without the needs for a developer.


As we acknowledge the dangers and pitfalls of the ecommerce industry faced by the harsh economic trends, it cannot be disputed that it is always technology that throws you a ladder. So if the all mighty conversion rate has to keep soaring, we suggest that you integrate Geo-targeting to your online stores