How To Design Customer Follow-up Emails?

Do you know that for every single shopping cart converted, two to three of them are discarded (abandoned)? Based on BI Intelligence research, the world-wide typical rate for abandoned shopping carts is 71 .2%. Need another incredible statistic? The determined value of these shopping carts worth around $4 trillion.

Today, we’re assisting you to redeem with best time-tested solution to lessen abandoned shopping carts. Why are you hanging around for? Let’s begin converting hesitant customers into sure clients!

Abandoned Cart Follow up Email System

Customers visit your PrestaShop web store, browse the products, add some of them into their carts checkout and buy. This in normal checkout process but if customers leaves during these steps, it is called cart abandonment. Sending follow-up emails using any of the system like abandoned cart reminder PrestaShop by FMEModules that can bring back 11.5% of these lost sales on average.

Abandoned Cart Follow up Email Tips and Designs

Browse Abandonment e-mails are simple, directed, real-time emails to provide assistance and to refer the customers back to their lost carts. These are different from newsletters and promoting pamphlet emails.

So how can you write one of these simple e-mails? Here’s are the guideline as well as some good examples to assist you.

An excellent follow up abandonment e-mail possesses the following design and style characteristics;

  • Email should readily noticeable in the inbox; sender, topic and pre-header should be visible in inbox. Subject must contain the brand/company name and the purposes of the e-mail (e.g. Say thanks to customers for browsing or do you require any assistance?) and also use the name of one watched product or service.
  • Email content has to be crystal clear and straightforward. The target audience should “get it” in a couple of seconds. It’s particularly essential to retain a pleasant touch throughout, as you are coping with a recurring website visitor.
  • Uses your store logos and brand in the email body.
  • Displays some watched products [considered by the customers] by utilizing information from the backend of your store. These products must be presented just like a catalog of products.
  • Contains relevant/similar product or service recommendations – employing information from the admin’s backend.
  • Email must have a solid, clear call-to-action that links to your site checkout, or even one call to action per item, thus it’s simple for customers to click on and return to the cart.
  • Use personalization terms like Mr. Johns, Dear Steve, Dear Sir etc., according to your need and desire as sometimes such personalization looks like a spam email.
  • Use a navigation bar as returning customers may not look for a single product i.e. give them navigation option to see all product in the cart.
  • Use an unsubscribe link at bottom part of the email, since un-interested customers may leave the cart more easily rather then they have to send your email to the junk folder.

Finally, imply different formats and then analyze the success rate of these emails and use that one which gives you better results. Also use the automatic PrestaShop follow up email system efficiently as multiple follow-up emails can cause irritation and annoyance for some of the customers.

Here are some sample formats of follow-up emails are given (view source).