Get Flaring Conversions With These 5 Checkout Hacks

magento checkout optimization
Conversions are a reliable counter to see how well a business has been performing. By looking at the percentage of visitors that ended up as customers, a website’s effectiveness in convincing visitor to purchase product can be evaluated.

Since checkout pages are the final step in securing a successful lead, it is vital to create them in such a way that the customer purchases product instead of abandoning. The checkout should always be created from a customer point of view so that their experience can be optimized.

Why so much Cart Abandonment?

Cart abandonment is a rising issue in e-commerce, with close to 70 percent shoppers resorting to leaving their purchase midway. This is a huge waste of leads which slashes the conversion rates.

There are many reasons due to which online carts are abandoned, some of which are given below:

  • Long Checkout processes
  • No security reassurances
  • Necessity to create another account
  • Unoptimized customer experience
  • Too many steps involved

All these factors combined deter the customer from purchasing product. This means optimizing the checkout page to suit customer requirements is essential to convince customers to go through with the checkout process.

How Veggietales boosted conversions by 42%

VeggieTales is a famous preschool TV animated series for children in US. They optimized their checkout process and overnight experienced drastic positive changes in their revenue, which in the long run gave them 38% more profit per customer and a striking overall 42% boost to conversion rates. Let’s see how they achieved this remarkable feat.

Veggietales secret to success

VeggieTales didn’t rely on altering major elements of their checkout: instead they choose to focus on more discreet and overlooked aspects which turned out to be deciding factors on whether the customer would or would not continue with the process.

The Homepage

VeggieTales homepage featured a huge sign which advertised free shipping. Most customers are already sold at the concept of no shipping costs but the banner was somewhat distracting, drawing attention away from details about VeggieTales itself.
VeggieTales moved their icon to header and then added a social media following option. This displayed the vast amount of social gathering the VeggieTales had and convinced visitors even at first glance that this is a high level organization, boosting their confidence for purchase.

The Checkout Page

The previous checkout page that VeggieTales had inherited the same headers and footers from the other pages, which were quite unnecessary and off-putting for customers. They chose to streamline their checkout page by removing them altogether. This allowed customers to focus more on what they had to fill in, instead of how they could return to site or get distracted by other options available.

ViggieTales case study

Adapting to mobiles

VeggieTales also adapted their checkout among other elements to be available on mobile and personalized the entire process so that the majority of customers (80 percent) that shop on mobiles can do so with ease.


These changes in VeggieTales immediately boosted their ratings, rankings, conversions, customers and visitors with the following stats:

  • 42% increase in annual conversion rates
  • 38% increase in investment per customer
  • 36.8% more profit resulting from changes in social media
  • 28.1% increase in mobile user spendings

Boost your conversions with these 5 proven hacks

Following are 5 proven hacks derived from this case study that will ensure your checkout remains the most competitive in today’s shifting trends:

1. Reduce or eliminate shipping costs

Customers are always put off by additional shipping costs. If you cannot offer free shipping show the shipping cost upfront. Close to 28 percent customers end up abandoning cart due to this reason.

So how does one solve this problem? It is simple: reduce or eliminate the shipping costs altogether. VeggieTales displayed shipping costs alone in a separate segment and declared shipping free over a certain limit, which prompted customers to make an order of that minimum level to avoid shipping.

2. Enable guest checkout

One of the most annoying of all requisites for checkout is the creation of a unique account. This annoys customers to such an extent that they don’t even bother to fill in the checkout; they simply rage quit the entire process, which results in wasted precious leads.

Enter guest checkout, which enables customers to purchase product without having to create an account. By simply using the available data to create an account instead of forcing customers to separately create one, it efficiently seals the sales deal. VeggieTales gave options between account creation and guest checkout, which largely attracted customers owing to ease of filling in form.

3. It’s all about how your present yourself

Presentation is the key to success. It is all about how you present yourself. A badly optimized checkout page will lead to an even worse customer experience, which will waste potential lead.

Simple optimization of elements can make a huge difference, as it did for VeggieTales. On their checkout page, they noticed that their headers and footers were distracting customers, so they opted to eliminate them during checkout phase.
This sharpened customer sense of direction and conversions soared while abandonment declined rapidly, which eventually led to 42% more conversions in a year.

Magento Order Attributes by FME is a quality example of a module which allows not only creation of custom fields but also offers options for their placement. With the ability to create a custom checkout field placement of your choice, you can be assured that your customers will have a unique, personalized checkout experience and be willing to return a second time to purchase.

4. Adapt to mobile platforms

There is a wide population that uses mobiles and most customers shopping via smartphones are looking to get over with the process as fast as possible. 83 percent smartphone users decide in under a minute whether they should continue or not depending on their experience.

VeggieTales was well aware of this fact and quickly created their site for mobile platforms as well to cater to the needs of their smartphone users as well. This accounted for a sudden increase of 28.1% revenue for every visitor.

5. Streamline the process

Customers on checkout process are looking to complete the form as soon as possible with as little hindrance as possible. This means removal of distracting elements is very critical. VeggieTales had many different options that could redirect to main page at their checkout, which posed as a problem.

They were quick to act and decisive: VeggieTales removed these elements altogether and kept only relevant fields available at checkout to facilitate user. This accounted for a whopping 98.1% boost in customer confidence.

Checkout optimization for better conversions

The entire idea of marketing and advertisement is to convince visitor to purchase product. However, it fails miserably if the checkout page has not been properly optimized and ends up wasting potential leads. With just a few tweaking and customization, your checkout page can become the very backbone on which you rely and attract all the customers that your online business needs to prosper.

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