Enriching Snippets in PrestaShop Ecommerce

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Adding up Search engines Rich Snippets to your PrestaShop retail store can boost your website exposure on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP), and significantly increases website traffic with time. Would you like to be noticed more as compared to your competitors? Then read some useful information about snippets followed by the practical way of rich snippets implementation on your store.

Before going deep into the snippets concept, let have a look at the below mentioned example that will hopefully clarify the concept of rich snippets in your mind.

Example of Rich Snippets  

Search the keyword “PrestaShop Rich Snippets” in Google, and you find different links in the search result as given in the following image.

Rich Snippets 1

Looking at the first four results, you will notice that result no. 1 and 3 showing only the normal snippets [Meta], while result no 2 and 4 are showing something extra i.e. rich snippets. Result 2 is showing rating, stars and reviews while number 4 is showing the thumbnail of video.

Obviously, when visitors look these search results, they prefer to click on link 2 and 4 as these links are giving more information than the rest resulting in more traffic and CTR for PrestaShop Add-on page and FMEModules Video.


Useful Tip:

Use Rich Snippets PrestaShop by FMEModules for making the snippets rich automatically.


Let’s have a look at some other advantages:

Advantages of Rich Snippets

Here are top advantages of implementing snippets in PrestaShop.

  • The details shown in Rich Snippets enable to display your product information and enhance their presence in search engine results.
  • Extra visibility has the effect of significantly increasing the number of clicks on your link and allows you to send more traffic to your site from search engine.
  • The information given in the search engine results lets website visitors to get a glance on your product or service information deeply. The users will be able to know that where exactly they land according to their needs. Thus the traffic will be more qualitative.
  • Qualitative traffic helps you to reduce the bounce rate that has a good impact on your sales.

I think you will be looking now to employ this fantastic feature on your store. Here is the practical way to implement rich snippets in PrestaShop.

How to Implement Rich Snippets on PrestaShop store?

There are various approaches to setup the Rich Snippets to your PrestaShop retail store.

The simplest way that I suggest to newbies is to install a module that can automatically implement the rich snippets attributes for your store.

For skillful developers and merchants who think that they can implement rich snippets at their own, here’s a manual to add Rich Snippets to your PrestaShop store.

How to Test Rich Snippets?

Eventually, to check the presentation of Rich Snippets for your shop, you may use the Google Webmaster Rich Snippets Tester.