Customer Trust Building Using Related Products Display

Loyalty Myths research states that it costs five times more to acquire a customer than to retain a customer. This is quite true because trust and loyalty is the key factor involved in ecommerce.

Why new customers are expensive to acquire?


Because trust is involved everywhere whether it is a business relation, a family relation or friendship. Trust level shows the strength of a relation. It tells us that how much one have strong relation with the other. As we are discussing here the business relation, one can say that business only runs on a trust.


Quoting here a daily life example, a merchant can sell high price products to those customers who trust on him but another shop keeper can’t sell the same products at low prices to the normal customers.

Association of related product display with trust

Now the point of concern is that how we can build the customers trust? I am stating here the simplest way to do this, which is related product display to the customers extending the above example here.


Customers come to the shop and ask to buy a product. Shop keepers show him the product with x price but customers thinks that the price is high and he as a result, he search for another shop with less price of that product.

At the same time, another merchant, show the same products with prices x, y and z, where y and z type has less price. The customers will happily shop from there.


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This example shows that the later merchant is successful and how he is successful; by using the tactic of similar product display. The final result will be increase in trust level as when a customer’s always shops from the same shop, merchants get more chances to build his trust.

Hopefully, now the idea of related products display will be clear to all the readers. Applying the same idea in PrestaShop ecommerce, trust level and sales can be increased to the maximum extent.

How to display similar products in PrestaShop

PrestaShop by default don’t allow showing related products at product detail page. It needs expertise and coding abilities to do the job done. But here I am giving you a readymade solution that is a PrestaShop Similar products module which lets you to do this job within no time.
Related Products


Such plug-ins enables you to get some extra benefits regarding to related product display concept and one sure benefit is that you can even sell those product that are not top selling.

Main advantages of such related products system are:

1 – Display a lot of similar products on product detail page

2 – Apply product combinations or attributes to include similar products on product page

3 – No complications involved for adding the chosen products

4 – All of the relevant items can be shown in a block at the website bottom

5 – It is possible to enable clients to add numerous products as they want in the buying cart.

6 – Similar products show up under a new tab

7 – Display also the ignored products of your collection

8 – Assist clients in getting the best product at desired cost


Providing similar items to the clients is a smart business option that is assisted by the brand new release of FME. Even so, a company owner must have an assured picture of how the clients would respond to the related products? The offers need to be made persuasive to ensure that it would turn out to be difficult to avoid.

By applying this extension, you will aid the clients, by reducing the time spent on buying relevant products and making all at affordable charges. The satisfied clients will certainly recommend you to their buddies and families.