Magento Custom Pricing

Magento store owners can now allow their customers to bargain online by using advance custom pricing extension. It allows merchants to define the bargain price limit and number of times a customer can bargain. This extension is also suitable for the charity and donation websites where website visitors can donate the amount of their choice.

This module can be used as a great tool to test whether your high prices are the reasons for low sales or there is something else? If customers are overlooking your products because of the higher prices then allow those customers to edit the price and enter their own custom price. If your store sales increase then surely high products prices is the reason of low conversion rate and one can overcome it permanently by using this custom pricing extension instead of reducing all prices on the whole.

Features – Magento Custom Pricing Extension:

  • The customers can edit the price on the front end i.e. Product page.
  • Admin can specify the upper and lower limit of the price.
  • Admin can define multiple pricing options like adding customer price on based price.
  • If the price does not fall in the defined range then it will be rejected and a custom message will be displayed.
  • A tool to allow customers to enter amounts they wishes to pay for product(s) for charity purpose.
  • Can customize messages for accepted and rejected price etc.
  • Admin can define number of attempts customers can take to enter the bargaining price.
  • Supports all latest Magento community editions.
  • Can be useful in increasing sales by targeting low budget customers.