Magento CSV Based Pricing Extension

csv reviews 2Magento CSV Based Pricing Extension is used to calculate the price of two dimensional products from a spreadsheet (CSV). It eliminates the need to create lots of configurable products in Magento which is a very hectic task. Users can select dimensions such as length & width on product page and the price will be calculated based on this input. This Magento table pricing allows you to easily sell items like blinds, liquids, barrels, wall paper, coverings, windows and other variable sized products. You are able to define your own pricing structure by using a CSV file rather than using a fixed price option in Magento. This module supports latest version of Magento CE and EE.

learn-more-buttonThis Matrix based pricing module enables you to upload separate CSV file against each product or you can have a global CSV that will be used to calculate prices of all products. Fraction values are also supported in the spreadsheet. Different input units are supported in this plugin such as milli meter, centi meter, feet, and inches etc.  Input fields can be different as well on a product page. If the customer enters wrong input, error message will be shown. These validation messages are also customizable.

Key Features – Magento CSV Pricing

  • This blinds pricing extension supports following input units, mm, cm, feet, and inches.
  • You can upload CSV against all products or use one global spread sheet for all products.
  • Fraction support is optional; it will round up to the next size and price.
  • You will not need to create tons of configurable products, just create one simple product and that is all. Makes your job easier.
  • Rows and columns validation is performed by smart JavaScript.
  • Validation is performed automatically on input fields
  • Custom validation messages are supported
  • Min and max price value filter is included.
  • Supports all modern browsers

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