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Mobile Commerce in 2016 on Ready, Set, Blast Off!

  If we were to mold every saying we ever read to fit our daily lives in to words that actually made sense, it would be easy to say; “If a dog is a man’s best friend’, then any source of cash to pay for a woman’s shopping is their new best friend. It all […]


Abandoned cart magento extension

4 Points To Help Crafting An Effective Cart Abandonment Email

Is it disheartening to see customers passing through the buying cycle and abandoning the cart? It should be, but see the facts before moving towards a solution. 99% first time visitors don’t think seriously about buying. 75% of the cart abandoners really wanted to buy. 81% companies think the cart abandoners have wasted their time. […]

Tutorial: How You Can Setup Rules On Magento Percentage Pricing Extension?

By devising rules for pricing in a bulk encourages a merchant to offer discount on great amount of merchandise. Mostly wholesalers’ deals within bulk of stocks, formulation of price in such manner can tempt a trader to offer benefits to purchasers on larger amounts. In order to deploy price-devising policies on Magento store, we are […]

Magento Cost Based Pricing


Why, When And What To Change In Your Ecommerce Website?

Ecommerce is gaining success with lapse of time with more and more people switching to online shopping from the traditional one. They want to save time and seek a seamless, easy to use and user friendly online shopping experience, which is appealing not only visually but practically as well. Thus it makes it pivotal for […]