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8 Dos and Don’ts of Affiliate Marketing For Small Businesses

Most likely, you not once have heard about opportunities are provided by so-called affiliated marketing. So, what is the affiliate marketing? It can be characterized as the segment of online commerce when one company entrust the other one to sell its products or services on a commission basis. This trading scheme involves three central players: […]

Dos and Don'ts of Affiliate Marketing

Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant to Help You with Your Website?

When online marketers and small business owners first start out on the web, they often feel overwhelmed because they’re trying to do too many different things at once and they don’t have enough time in the day to accomplish them all. You’re probably trying to juggle your work life, your family life, and even a […]

Why Does A Search Engine Spider Care About The URL Structure?

Search engines are powered with softwares that are called as robots and spiders to follow website, gather information and sort the URLs according to the relevancy with title, description and content of the websites. The websites are located through their URL addresses. So, to smooth away the sorting and indexing process, search engines evaluate the […]

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5 tips to reduce shopping cart abandonments

5 Simple Ways To Cope With Abandoned Shopping Carts Issue

The biggest hurdle in way of becoming successful among tough online competition is shopping cart abandonment. 67.45% online shoppers do not reach the checkout phase at an online store, Baymard Institute stats reveal. Why people abandon the shopping carts? Reasons can be many including financial constraints, shipping cost, complicated checkout process, etc. Here are some […]

7 Blunders Contributing To High Shopping Cart Abandonment

What’s the worst happening at your e store? It must be visitors coming at your site and leaving without completing the deal. High shopping cart abandonment rate is the most disturbing thing for e business owners. Look at the stats of top retailers who have faced high cart abandonment rate in 2014. IBM faced 68.38% […]


4 Points To Help Crafting An Effective Cart Abandonment Email

Is it disheartening to see customers passing through the buying cycle and abandoning the cart? It should be, but see the facts before moving towards a solution. 99% first time visitors don’t think seriously about buying. 75% of the cart abandoners really wanted to buy. 81% companies think the cart abandoners have wasted their time. […]

Abandoned cart magento extension

E-Tailers’ Ethical Responsibilities To Their Business And Customers

Venturing into eCommerce provides numerous opportunities to small businesses, and allows them to complete with the big players in the market. However, e-businesses are equally facing ethical issues as traditional brick and mortar businesses do. It has made it indispensible for online retailers to build trust among their customers and reassure them that the online […]

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