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7 Lesser Known But Proven Ways to Display Information on Product Pages

The representation of information of product pages is a major factor in evaluating the conversion optimizing of landing pages. For buying a product, the users browse multiple websites and go with the one that has better displayed the entire details. A conventional web page is a hub of text where all [...]


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Top 5 Cart Problems in WooCommerce and Their Solutions

WooCommerce is widely used for its vibrant and robust infrastructure for an ideal eCommerce website. It is gaining popularity day by day because of the ease and comfort a merchant enjoys while interacting with target users. The additional features and the user experience design make it a priority for the sellers. Despite the ease [...]

7 Top Review and Rating Platforms To Build Trust Among Customers

Running an online business is getting more competitive due to the prevailing trends of eCommerce that is highly focusing on the improvement of user experience. The online buyers want to grab most of the information about their favorite products at the comfort of sitting in their home or office. In addition to the comfort they […]

5 tips to reduce shopping cart abandonments

5 Simple Ways To Cope With Abandoned Shopping Carts Issue

The biggest hurdle in way of becoming successful among tough online competition is shopping cart abandonment. 67.45% online shoppers do not reach the checkout phase at an online store, Baymard Institute stats reveal. Why people abandon the shopping carts? Reasons can be many including financial constraints, shipping cost, complicated checkout process, etc. Here are some […]

Selling Through Private Sales or by Auction in PrestaShop – Which one is Better?

Merchandising by private sale or through online auction is a highly discussed topic in PrestaShop e-business. While a lot of people think that auctions are the most effective approach to get the highest possible final sale price for your stuff acquired at the auction event, other people think private sale is the best option. Therefore […]

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Enriching Snippets in PrestaShop Ecommerce

Adding up Search engines Rich Snippets to your PrestaShop retail store can boost your website exposure on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP), and significantly increases website traffic with time. Would you like to be noticed more as compared to your competitors? Then read some useful information about snippets followed by the practical way of […]

How To Design Customer Follow-up Emails?

Do you know that for every single shopping cart converted, two to three of them are discarded (abandoned)? Based on BI Intelligence research, the world-wide typical rate for abandoned shopping carts is 71 .2%. Need another incredible statistic? The determined value of these shopping carts worth around $4 trillion. Today, we’re assisting you to redeem with best time-tested solution to lessen abandoned shopping carts. Why are you hanging around for? Let’s begin converting hesitant customers into sure clients! Abandoned Cart Follow up Email System Customers […]


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Customer Trust Building Using Related Products Display

Loyalty Myths research states that it costs five times more to acquire a customer than to retain a customer. This is quite true because trust and loyalty is the key factor involved in ecommerce. Why new customers are expensive to acquire? How? Because trust is involved everywhere whether it is a business relation, a family […]