Magento Box Calculator

Magento Box Calculator extension is another square foot product pricing solution that allows you to calculate box price and total number of cartons required for shipping. Customers will enter the required product size in square foot, square meter or other allowed input units, and this box pricing module will calculate total price and number of boxes/cartons required for shipping. This carton pricing extension allows you to set the default size of box. Let us take an example; suppose you have configured default size of the box to be 10 square feet, if the customer enters 25 Sqr. Feet on product page then total number of boxes required for shipping will be 3.


Live Example – How BOX Calculator Works:

Here is a practical example to better understand how this Magento square foot calculator works.

Box Calculator
Technically, you need to create a custom product option and register it in the configuration. A new tab named, ‘Box Calculator’ is added to every product on the backend. You can configure following settings in this tab;

  1. Configure the default size of box for that specific product
  2. Select input unit such as square foot, square meter etc.
  3. Configure minimum quantity requirements

Product Page – Square Foot Product Pricing Magento

On the front-end, you can display the following information with custom labels:

  1. Number of boxes: This field will be updated every time the customer enters new size value. It will show total number of boxes/cartons required for shipping.
  2. Box Size and Input Unit: This field displays the default size of the box as configured by admin. It also shows the input unit.
  3. Price: Displays price per carton.
  4. Total Price: This field displays total price i-e., price of all cartons.

The labels for above fields can be changed from the backend.moneyback-15-day

Key Features – Magento Box Calculator

  • Allows you to calculate price per quantity.
  • Allows you to calculate price based on custom options.
  • Calculate box price and size that is required for shipping.
  • Configure default size of the box.
  • Supports several input units such as square foot, square meter and square centi-meter.
  • Display custom information on product pages such as price per carton, input unit, total price and total number of boxes.
  • Ability to set minimum required quantity
  • 100% OpenSource
  • Multi-Store Supported
  • Multi-Language Supported
  • Install Guide with Easy to follow steps
  • User Guide to help you utilize and understand the extension.
  • Lifetime Support Free Support