Effective Strategies to Boost B2B Sales

Successful B2B sales teams employ effective strategies to sell more and stay a cut above the competition. They are well aware of how to increase B2B sales even with limited access to sales resources such as pipelining. You can follow their footsteps and empower your sales teams with the right methods to boost sales. In this article, we provide you effective tips that can help your sales reps make the most of their prospects and leads, and convert them into profitable sales opportunities.


It is important to quantify quality leads and focus your attention and energy on them. Identify your targets by building a list of promising leads and get information on them. You can build this list from your previous contacts, inquiries, and customers. This can provide you a treasure trove of promising prospects that you can qualify and build on.

Do Your Homework

Be thorough with your homework and get information on the challenges and tasks that your service or product can help with. Learn what your competitors are up to and beat their propositions with your offers. Advise your sales reps to do a Google search before calling customers and to think about ways in which your service or product can help areas of your customer’s business. The goal is to ensure you are able to provide tangible value additions to your customers with your offerings.

Prepare a Sales Script

Sales reps should be trained to successfully converse with prospects and leads. They can do this by using a call script as a guide and use insightful questions to generate leads. Top executives and decision makers do not like speculative and unprepared calls, so your team needs to prepare carefully, demonstrate the value of your product, and inform leads what value they can provide with your service or product.

Use a Confident Approach

Your sales reps should be confident about their product and company and exude an aura of professionalism to the potential clients they contact. This will reassure prospects and leads that they are offering a valuable service or product and can be trusted to keep their promises. Your sales executives should believe in your company and assure B2B customers that they can gain tangible benefits by engaging with your firm. To support this cause, they can use current case studies and examples.

Ask Probing Questions

Ask probing questions and listen to your prospects’ answers intently to get the information you require to close the deal. These insightful questions can help to assure your prospects that you are truly interested in helping them. They can build trust and enable you to learn about your leads’ actual needs. Ask for explanations and use questions such as “What” and “Why” to get the information you need.

Act as a Trustworthy Advisor

This strategy can elevate you above the competition. Train your sales reps to be trustworthy experts and advisors in their industry. They should be well versed in all aspects of their product and be up to date on the latest happenings in their industry. You can use promotional assets such as email marketing, industry papers, and your website to help your prospects and leads get knowledge and awareness, and do business with you with confidence.

Personalize the Scripts and Conversations

It is important to personalize the scripts you use and converse with your leads in the language they know and use. For instance, when speaking with financial officers you can talk about budgets and ROI, and if you are contacting an HR executive then you should steer the topic around cultural impacts, employee wellbeing, etc. It is thus important to talk to your prospects in their comfort zone.

Be Ever Ready to Close

It is important to build relationships but do not miss out on opportunities to close the sale if they arise. These opportunities can turn up at almost all touch points. You may not get the chance to immediately make the sale, but you may ask for permission to give samples or arrange a meeting. Therefore, be alert and seize every chance you get to close the deal in each touch point.

Pursue Referrals

Ask for referrals from your current customers. This could well help you to land your next top prospect and customer. Remember that if you don’t ask, you will not get referrals and leads.

Network Widely

Use networking opportunities and chances to spread awareness about your product and brand. Act like a brand ambassador, use industry events and professional networks like LinkedIn, and hand out your business cards widely to publicize your brand. Make networking a fun activity and smile and socialize gleefully to attract prospects naturally.

More Useful Strategies to Boost B2B Sales

A research study by Implisit reveals that only a fraction of all B2B leads are converted into sales. On average, it takes about 84 days to convert a prospect into an opportunity, and an extra 18 days to close the sale. Instead of focusing on adding more leads, sales reps should concentrate on convincing existing prospects to sign up for larger contracts. We provide you useful strategies that can help you make the most of your existing customers and get bigger contracts from them.

Create Upsell Opportunities

After introducing your product to the prospect, you can also present them the opportunity to buy a complementary service to get additional value from the deal. Complementary services that can be used as upsell types include full-service solutions, consulting or coaching, service or product customizations, and exclusive content.

Sell Your More Expensive Packages

Clients may initially sign up for your low-priced plans because they may wish to try out the features first before they invest in the premium packages. However, this may affect the results they get as the lower-end packages usually offer only limited features. For example, communication tools like Slack are much more useful when all the employees in a company use it rather than just a few. Therefore, convince your clients that they are better off with the advanced features they can get with your premium packages and encourage them to sign larger contracts.

Sell Long-term Contracts

Explain to your customers that your prices normally increase over time along with the development of your product and business. This will encourage them to sign long-term contracts so that they can keep using the product at current prices. Sell long-term contracts by offering a couple of months for free to make the deal sweeter.

Swap Value Add-ons for Discounts

Do not offer your customers a discount on your products. Instead, give them value add-ons such as an extended service warranty period or free online training so that you can sell at the original price. Therefore, you don’t have to slash the price to make a sale. By making use of add-ons and complementary services you can close larger contracts and get yourself a more handsome commission.


We hope this article helps you improve your B2B marketing strategies and close sales more effectively. If you are employing other sales strategies that are proving useful, feel free to share the details with us.