List of 5 Best Payment Extensions for your Magento Store

Magento has become a premium eCommerce platform for the availability of a vast collection of extensions that allows you to add a functionality you can think of. Online payments have also been an issue for a merchant that’s why we have composed a list of valuable plugins that can assist them to smooth away the process of getting payments from their valued clients and customers. Following is a list of top 5 reliable Magento payment extensions for your store.

Layaway Payments

Magento Layaway Payments

There are various payment plugins freely available in the marketplace that can facilitate you an easy payment solution, whereas if fails to sort out payments when a customer wants to pay in installments. Magento Layaway Payments extension is developed to ease merchants in offering their consumers to pay for the goods and services in parts. The merchants are given the option to devise a payment plan, set the down payment limit and calculate the number and amount of installations.

This extension is highly beneficial for merchants who want to offer a flexible payment option to their potential customers. A traditional payment process may restrict them to allow a delayed payment, whereas this module exclusively offers a complete mechanism for installations.

PayPal Adaptive Parallel Method

paypal adaptive parallel payment extension

PayPal Adaptive Parallel method plugin enables the merchants to receive money in equally in two separate accounts. The major reason for segregating the sales revenue of a store between the two accounts is to share equally share the earnings of a store between two persons. Two partners of a store usually get the entire income into an account and then transfer it to another one, whereas this module saves time by automatically sending payments to parallel accounts.

This extension can cater to the needs of all the partners as payments can be sent to multiple accounts besides the configuration of a percentage for each account. Another advantage of distributing money is secure accounts from theft and online frauds.

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Authipay (of AIB Merchant Services)

Authipay Payment magento module

This extension gets you connected to the Authipay which is a payment gateway just like PayPal. The merchants who feel more secure and comfortable with Authipay can direct their customers to pay through this method, as this module quickly integrates Magento store with the main website. Being verified by Authipay, the merchants can enjoy a lifetime support for this tool.

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Beanstream Payment Module

magento beanstream payment extension

Beanstream Payment Module also supports the Magento stores that are powered with the Beansteam payment gateway. It proudly processes the payments made through the famous credit cards like Visa, Discover, MasterCard, Diners, American Express. For small and medium size entities that primarily deal in the US and Canadian dollar can smoothly continue operations with the help of this module.

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SmoovPay extension

Smoovpay is basically a payment gateway and this extension enables to integrate your store with a hassle free payment option. This plugin can easily be configured for a multilingual store. The selection of an option truly depends on the location and the community you are targeting, as reaching people across the border will take you to add another gateway. This module can benefit you if you agree to use the services of Smoovpay.

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Magento proudly caters to the needs of more than 250,000 merchants across the globe, and every online store manager has to face a different situation when it comes to relieving customers in paying for the products or services because of the technological differences in the regions. You can take help from the above discussed Magento extensions for a better alternate of receiving sales proceeds.