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My name is Brenda Celestina. I am professional Internet marketing expert having more than 3 years of experience. Most of my work is on Magento based store which includes marketing new eCommerce store and extensions.

Canonical URL & Rich Snippet – Basic Magento SEO Extensions

Magento Canonical URLs   Why Do We Need Magento Canonical Extension? Magento by default creates multiple URLs for each product / CMS page which leads to the duplicate content issue in search engines. Some search engines has improved their algorithm like Google to handle this multiple URL issue and does not penalizes website for content […]



Overview on Cost Based Pricing Under Magento Ecommerce

Cost based pricing model is the inherent from cost plus price formula. An economic way of expressing a price is that it is the cumulative of cost of a manufacturing a product along with constant percentages of margins. The accumulated amount is intended for sake of profits and revenues. Market plays a key role in […]

E-Tailers’ Ethical Responsibilities To Their Business And Customers

Venturing into eCommerce provides numerous opportunities to small businesses, and allows them to complete with the big players in the market. However, e-businesses are equally facing ethical issues as traditional brick and mortar businesses do. It has made it indispensible for online retailers to build trust among their customers and reassure them that the online […]

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Magento Sucess

Magento 2014 Will Continue To Build On Success

Magento has a sufficient pool of partners and masters who are committed in building online stores that successfully and continuously meet matchless business needs of the ecommerce today. These masters use Magento to put together flawless customized solutions to offer ecommerce merchants enough flexibility and scope as they continue to grow and expand their ebusiness. […]

Why, When And What To Change In Your Ecommerce Website?

Ecommerce is gaining success with lapse of time with more and more people switching to online shopping from the traditional one. They want to save time and seek a seamless, easy to use and user friendly online shopping experience, which is appealing not only visually but practically as well. Thus it makes it pivotal for […]



Top 5 Magento Extensions To Boost Sales On This Christmas

The countdown for Christmas 2013 has begun. There are only few days left until Christmas and it is predicted that this year it would be the busiest ever. Christmas has always been a very lucrative season for shopping. Online merchants prepare themselves fully for one of the busiest seasons of the year. They endeavor to […]

Importance Of Magento Dynamic Pricing Extension In E-Commerce

 Every online merchant desires to make his products stand out in the heavily crowded markets. They strive persistently to come up with a Unique Selling Proposition to catch visitors’ attention and convert them into loyal customers. But loyalty at customers’ end does not come in neat packages; it’s a pretty strenuous job indeed. Even if […]



Website Security – Core Feature to Enhance the E-commerce Revenue

Online shopping has already taken over the traditional shopping and business trends. But this has put the retailers and merchants into a tough competition. They have to stand out in order to attract the customers and make a different but noticeable position in the market. E-commerce business needs many essential features for its success and […]