5 Simple Ways To Cope With Abandoned Shopping Carts Issue

5 tips to reduce shopping cart abandonments

The biggest hurdle in way of becoming successful among tough online competition is shopping cart abandonment. 67.45% online shoppers do not reach the checkout phase at an online store, Baymard Institute stats reveal. Why people abandon the shopping carts? Reasons can be many including financial constraints, shipping cost, complicated checkout process, etc. Here are some interesting stats about reasons behind high cart abandonment reveled in a survey conducted by North American Technographics.

  • 44% online shoppers abandoned the cart due to high shipping cost.
  • 22% online shoppers abandoned the cart due to shipping cost revealed at checkout stage.
  • 41% online shoppers said they were not willing to buy the product right at the moment.
  • 24% online shoppers said they have delayed the buying decision.
  • 14% online shoppers said they did not like the registration requirement to buy the product.
  • 12% online shoppers said they abandoned the cart due to lengthy checkout forms.
  • 57% online shoppers abandon their carts due to poor response from the customer service in case of any queries. (Forrester study results)

How to cope with the issue of high shopping cart abandonment? Here are given some suggestions. Read and implement!

1.  Let The Shoppers Know About Abandoned Cart!

Do not consider an abandoned cart as a loss because many customers might have decided to buy later on. Provide ease to the customers to complete the deal. For that purpose, you need to save all the shopping cart entries and send abandoned cart recovery emails. Shoppers might feel it irritating if there are hundreds and thousands of items and they have to find the one previously entered into the cart.  By sending emails, you have to remind them what they were planning to buy and how much you can facilitate them in terms of discounts or any other special offers.

2.  Show Whether The Product Is Available Or Not!

Before a shopper abandon the cart due to the reason the product is not available, let them know beforehand. Clearly mention if any product is out of stock so that customers will not proceed further or show their interest in some other way to buy that product once it comes into stock again. To avoid cart abandonment due to product unavailability, you can ask for email addresses of the customers to inform them when the product is back and the second approach is offering them similar products.

3.  Make The Checkout Simple!

Complicated checkouts are usually the most common reason behind high shopping cart abandonment rate. Simple buying procedure can help completing the deal. Ask for the essential information only. Basic information may include the following things:

  • Complete name
  • Email address
  • Date of birth (legal requirement)
  • Address to deliver the product
  • Payment mode

These are the mandatory fields; you can add as many fields as you want, but avoid making the checkout form too lengthy. Let the shoppers know what you require in the checkout form from the very beginning. Offering more than one option to pay is also a customer-friendly approach. Better to conduct a survey to know which payment options customers prefer at an online store. Include them. Also, let the customers know why certain information you need for the shopping deal. Allow the customers to go back easily or to change the order at any time.

4.  Make The Contact Easier During Checkout!

Checkout is usually the most frustrating stage for online customers, so make the online communication active. Customers might have queries about payment, shipping cost, etc. Such issues could be resolved with effective and timely communication and hence can reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate. Offer live chat and place the chat button prominently.

5.  Stay In Contact Even After Cart Abandonment!

Do not think negatively after a customer abandon the cart. Follow them and try to convince them for coming back and completing the deal. Doing remarketing can be a good approach to win them back at your online store. The ads used for remarketing need to be tactfully designed because the target users might think it a forceful buying approach. It might be considered as a violation of privacy so be cautious while using the remarketing approach to stay in contact with gone visitors.

Using extensions like OpenCart Abandoned Orders or Magento abandoned cart module for Opencart and Magento respectively can also help in bringing the visitors back and facilitating them to complete the deal. Cart abandonment emails are sent to the gone site visitors and they are reminded of the item they want to buy at the store but did not do that due to certain reason. Offering special discount in the email can also be a good tactic to bring back the gone visitors or those who have abandoned the shopping cart once.

Always welcome the repeat visitors and ask if they have any problem at your site this time. Facilitate them during their stay at your online store.