4 Points To Help Crafting An Effective Cart Abandonment Email

Is it disheartening to see customers passing through the buying cycle and abandoning the cart? It should be, but see the facts before moving towards a solution.

99% first time visitors don’t think seriously about buying.

75% of the cart abandoners really wanted to buy.

81% companies think the cart abandoners have wasted their time.

Average cart abandonment rate is 73.9%.

The best way to bring the cart abandoners back is sending them follow up emails. A well-crafted email doesn’t just make the consumers feel how much caring you are, but also leaves a professional image for your business. How to craft an appealing email so that customers could think about coming back and completing the deal? Here are given some useful tips.

  1. 1.      Decide About Schedule!

Stats reveal that about 72% cart abandoners return and complete the deal and 95% come back after 2 weeks of cart abandoning. So the follow up email shouldn’t be just one; make proper schedule. According to the stats, 75.3% of top companies send follow up emails within an hour a customer abandons the cart. Those companies realized that 50% of the customers come back within an hour when they receive the email. The best timing is the first email should be within an hour, the second one within 24 hours, and third one within 2 weeks. 6 weeks and 2 months are also good if added to the cart abandonment email schedule.

  1. 2.      Add Images

Almost 74% customers feel the follow up email content hasn’t appeal them. Make the email content appealing for the consumers so they think about coming back. For example, a customer may have searched for one item at many sites, so by adding the image of the abandoned item, you are going to facilitate him/her. An image of the item could be a big factor of interest for them. It’s also effective to include reviews of the customers about that particular item along with ratings and suggestions of available options. Provide information about any product related suitable accessories available at your store. It would also appeal them to come back and make many purchases at the same shop.

  1. 3.      Appeal With Discount

You can’t afford to offer discount to everyone abandoning the cart. However, the practice is good to retain the loyal customers. The regular customers could find it appealing buying the abandoned item with 5% discount. You can also offer them discount on any additional items once they come back. Offering some free stuff along with the main purchase is also a good tactic to boost sales.

  1. 4.      Offer Guarantee

Provide your customers with added security that will be a big appeal for them to come back and complete the buying process. Include item exchange policies if any so that they could realize they are secure. Don’t forget to add the contact information to facilitate the customers in asking whatever question they have in their minds about the abandoned item. Let them know their satisfaction is everything.

Stats about ecommerce business owners reveal that 25% of them are benefitting from abandoned cart follow up emails and their investment is proving to be successful. The remaining 75% e marketers are surely falling behind and losing the clientele. A refined cart abandonment recovery system is actually a sales boosting tactic. Consumers’ demands are increasing. They want extra facilities at each step of buying process. So, to bring back the gone customers, a tailored follow up campaign is needed.

Thinking about building a cart abandonment recovery system? Do it, you will experience winning the customers’ trust and a boost in sales. If you are running a Magento based ecommerce web store than FME’s Magento abandoned cart Extension is the best solution which provides you to follow up your customers who left their cart and offer them discount to bring them back.

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