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Enriching Snippets in PrestaShop Ecommerce

Adding up Search engines Rich Snippets to your PrestaShop retail store can boost your website exposure on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP), and significantly increases website traffic with time. Would you like to be noticed more as compared to your competitors? Then read some useful information about snippets followed by the practical way of […]

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How To Design Customer Follow-up Emails?

Do you know that for every single shopping cart converted, two to three of them are discarded (abandoned)? Based on BI Intelligence research, the world-wide typical rate for abandoned shopping carts is 71 .2%. Need another incredible statistic? The determined value of these shopping carts worth around $4 trillion. Today, we’re assisting you to redeem with best time-tested solution to lessen abandoned shopping carts. Why are you hanging around for? Let’s begin converting hesitant customers into sure clients! Abandoned Cart Follow up Email System Customers […]